Monday , January 23 2017

Early symptom of heart attack

Many think that only men suffer a heart attack disease, and that is the wrong idea. Both men and women living at risk of this disease. However, women and men have different symptoms of a heart attack. 1 month before the women started to see signs of a violent heart attack. So sometimes you have to go see if the symptoms, immediately consult a doctor immediately. Because the symptoms of a heart attack within the next 30 days that you are at risk!

1. Breathing difficulty most important signs of a heart attack. If you have trouble breathing, shortness of breath are often stuck in the air, then seek medical advice immediately. Respiratory and cardiovascular system are dependent on each other. If the heart gets less blood, less oxygen gets to the lungs. The results come stuck on the breath, heavy breath, or difficulty breathing.

2. The body feel weak muscle or pesiguloke, work hard, work etc. The second sign of a heart attack possibilities. Decreased blood flow to oxygen deficiency in the body means the whole Body. As a result, the body’s muscles and weakness felt just does not work like that.

3. To be flagging and the cold sweat, the sweat without any reason, to be a very important sign. Without the hard work you’ve sweat or from time to time to snooze, if at all, do not neglect. The breath of the sleeping, wake up and see-you-like events have been sweating for that to take very seriously.

4. The fourth sign of the pressure being felt in the chest. due to coronary artery narrow chest pain may be felt or pressed. This pain “gas pain” (which most people think) Do not avoid it. Consult a doctor immediately.
Body, take care to you. Advance signs of any disease to the body. These symptoms could take over much of yourself is to keep risk-free.

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