Monday , January 23 2017

Easy way to stop hair fall

girl is very nervous about the loss of hair on white backgroundIf people suffer from excessive hair fall problems. Especially in winter, this extra hair reading levels increased. Also, due to the weather and dust during each year suffer from hair problems in both women and men. Sometimes we make some mistakes which we are reason for excessive hair fall. Let’s take a look today to do some special things, to prevent hair fall.

1. Do not comb wet hair
A lot of work is harmful for hair combing wet hair. If the hair is touching wet hair much softer. This is easily the hair fall. Also harmful for hair brushing wet hair. Phalikalera hair loss and hair fall is increased.

2. Go to sleep at night tied hair gently
Hair tied in a tight lie down and sleep in the open, both harmful for hair. Ghumalena many strong ties to the hair becomes soft and excessive hair fall and hair Orthodox began. Ghumalena the hair off the bed and pillow cover ghasaya is causing hair loss, the hair begins to fall.

3. Special Hair Oil 3 days a week
A solution to prevent hair fall oil is quite effective. Do not use ordinary coconut oil and coconut oil, kyastara oil, olive oil, alamanda oil, sesame oil, any of these three types are mixed together in bottles filled with oil Samaparimane can keep and use the 3 days a week can reduce the hair fall. 50 grams of the 60-70 grams of mustard oil with henna leaves to boil and strain the oil on the scalp massage at a hair’s breadth of the whole night, and washed in the morning to get great results.

4. Special hair treatment in at least 1 day of 15 days
Take special care of the hair at least 1 day to 15 days. Took a while to scratch the hair like the hair and apply a hair pack massage. 1 egg white, 1 tablespoon yogurt, 1 tablespoon of henna mixed together in a pack to put in their hair. Two hours and wash it with the water. Then dip a towel in hot water and wrap it around the head of the chip to hot stima. The next day, wash the hair with shampoo.

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