Monday , January 23 2017

Ebola vaccine has been discovered

1429933645ideldnm1-300x200Scientists at the University of Texas in the United States with the testing of a vaccine for the Ebola virus that has treated some of the monkeys, scientists have claimed.

Tikeema-Ebola vaccine cure the monkey-Guinea. 8 days after the application of this vaccine has three banarai healthy. If the vaccine is not applied at the same time, the three monkeys died within nine days.

The journal Nature published an article about the new vaccine. Scientists at the University of Texas Thomas gaisabarta detector head of the new vaccine. He was attacked for the first time Ebola vaccine could protect the next time.According to scientists, vaccine effectiveness have not yet been applied to any other human. There is no treatment or vaccine Ebola working people, of the evidence.

Ebola vaccine trials on humans in the middle of this year, is expected to get the results.

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