Monday , January 23 2017

Food values of ghee

ghee_33576Many consider ghee as unhealthy food. But pure ghee has many benefits in some aspect. Many nutritionist said, ulcers, constipation and healthy eyes and skin treatment medications are used to create the fuel. It is true that the risk of sounding strange, fuel-Vitamin ‘A’, ‘D’, ‘E’ and ‘K’ is. The other elements of the vitamin ‘A’ and ‘i is an excellent source of fuel.

“The Times of India”, published in a report in the light of the advantages of butter and ghee Read this article about nutrition and the benefits of the nutrient.

Protecting the brain: the brain to protect it is very beneficial. Increase concentration and memory can hold the fuel to eat. It also keeps the body and mind.

Eyesight: it helps eyesight. Besides the eye pressure and puts you in control. Glukomaya especially beneficial for people suffering from fuel to food.

Anti-oxidant: Ghee is an anti-aksidentapurna food. The material is mixed with other vitamins and minerals in food can increase disease resistance.

Make bone strong: bone formation and strengthen the muscles with the fuel and food made with ghee.

Ghee skin care: it is very beneficial to the skin yatme. It is so nice to stay and to eat regularly to keep the skin tight.

Cholesterol problem: If you have cholesterol problems, it will come in handy as butter over it.
There are, however, high cholesterol, the better the food is fuel to the list. The meal will be modest to accept. You can not eat more than once. 10 to 15 grams a day can be consumed fuel.

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