Monday , January 23 2017

Foods help to reduce weight

3f82ba55ff0e4d0e056334606d8a9835-1Increase in body weight of headaches for everyone. Our concern does not end when a little fat. How to reduce the weight of our thinking is our broken sleep. From the beginning, we do the gym crash diet. But you know, there are some healthy foods and regular 30 minutes exercise every day when you are playing by the rules will always fit. Let’s assume that the day of the meal.

1. Ota: ota has not taste very good, but it is quite helpful to reduce your weight. This is as preventive as your appetite. Puts you in control of our body’s cholesterol levels have otase fiber.

2. Egg: Egg has plenty of egg protein source and it is much less amount of calories. Egg helps build muscle in our body healthy and to increase cholesterol levels.

3. Apple:There are plenty of antioxidants and nutrients in apple . The main thing is to have apele pyakatina material free from fat cells that helps keep our body.

4.Green chilli: Chilli has marice kyapasesina our body and helps the formation of the cell by removing calories from the body very quickly.

5.Garlic: There hasayalisina element of our body, which prevents bacteria, helps reduce body fat and cholesterol, preventing unnecessary.

6.Honey: Benefits of honey to reduce the weight of the madhuh. Shortly feed on warm water mixed with honey every morning to see, to understand the benefits.

7. Green others: Green itself is very good for weight loss. Green has won the ayantiaksidentasuica which helps to reduce the weight of our body. Drink a cup of green tea every day and get better results.

8. Page: wheat wheat leaf juice to keep our body’s metabolism and helps to reduce weight.

9. Tomatoes: tomatoes helps reduce body fat very quickly. Our tomatoes, protect against cancer. Put the tomatoes in the diet every day.

10. Dark Dark chocolate has cakaletah blood cholesterol levels phlyabhanayeda and ayantiinaphlematari which helps to reduce material. It increases serotonin in the blood and helps to eliminate fat.

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