Monday , January 23 2017

How to relief from sun burn spot

11165170_453610958131031_1908267186734951338_nNow the sun is quite strict. And temperature of sun is rising day by day which may cause  suntan  problem.
The intense heat of the sun’s harmful for the skin. So extra care needs to be aware of the skin.

Talk about the ‘Red’ beauty parlor owner Afroza Parvin. Keep the skin protected from the sun and avoid the sun as much as possible of the exemption of sun burn problems, she said.
“The sun will be covered as much as possible from the skin. However, the course will be able to use a sunscreen.

“Many people have been out of the house before you get out rub sunscreen. The sunscreen does not work properly. So, out of the 15 to 20 minutes before you need to use a sunscreen. “Parveen advised.

Despite the weather, stay aware of or using sunscreen sun burn is perfectly possible to avoid. So extra care is required.

Well back from the beginning of the whole body, especially in the heat of the sun takes over parts of the body, the better it will be to clean.

“If there is more than suntan or if the skin is dark little turmeric, cheese and orange juice mixed to a paste with a little face, neck, hands and feet will be affixed to wait awhile. Wash with cold water and dry. “Said Parveen Afroza.

Often compared to the face and hands, feet, more burn.

Again Parvin said, “We have always been indifferent to the foot. Need to take adequate care of the skin of the foot. Close to protect the feet from the sun may be wearing shoes. It will be like the skin of the foot. Moreover toes put sunscreen. “

If care is well aware of this weather cuff protects the skin from the heat to avoid sun burn-expression.

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