Monday , January 23 2017

Some reasons for reduction of brain power

Health--300x207Sometimes we hold responsible our brain if we fail or make bad result in  examination, interview or can’t  answer questions in time.
Looking at all the fault of your brain that does not work properly. Certainly not in the time of need. There is simply the ability to retain memories.

Angry about the way the brain poke yourself shaking your brain to know that if there is no fault. Your brain is fine, as you are unable to poke him and dispose of.

All the time to be bored
Nothing in life is to be sad. But that should not simply stay depressed all the time.
As soon as the pressure in the steam on the mind on your brain. The brain ‘cortisol called hormone secretion occurs in the brain’ synapse ‘which maintains the connection between the brain, neurons are damaged.It is a waste of memory. So, try to keep yourself happy, but a little trouble.To take additional stress and anxiety

Many reasons have been forced to take the extra stress and anxiety did not. Additional stress on the brain is much higher pressure drop.Carisole without the stress hormone secretion occurs between neurons in the brain that disrupts the connection ‘synapse’ with waste.He is not being given the additional stress and anxiety. Find the solution to everything, so the additional anxiety.

As a result of long-term smoking can reduce the performance of the brain. Smoking causes the blood flow to the brain slowly losing our heart.The brain does not work properly. And the impact on memory. So stop smoking today.

Low resting
If you want to be awake at night. He can not go to sleep if you do not need too. Unquestionably, however, the less sleep because you’re wasting your memory constantly.

 Studies show that sleep as a result of improving our brain ripojitari plastisit healthy brain synapse.

Which weakens the brain caused by sleep synapse neurons disrupts the connection. As a result, we lost a memory slowly. So for at least 6-8 hours of sleep habits.

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