Monday , January 23 2017

Tonsil problem and its solution

gola-betha_28686This cold-related diseases, as well as a variety of tonsil problems, and many wear in the summer. This increases the tonsil problem. The difference between the pain of a sore throat and tonsil can not catch them. Others go as tonsil pain of a sore throat. This problem is even more acute.

In this regard, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Quality Improvement sekretariyeta tanami Chakma, rain or excessive heat, ice or a cold soft drink bhijale it may be swollen tonsils. Alajihabara two lump on both sides, which can be red or white if the infection is over.

Many people confuse these two issues had mamasa and tonsils. Two cases of the disease, and the swelling of galabyatha problem. According to the tanami, mamasa swelling of the throat and cheeks can be together. Your throat and tonsils, especially when the swelling in the mouth on both sides of alajihabara.

Tanami said, but the treatment of children, of any age may suffer this problem. Intense galabyatha, kanabyatha, fever, difficulty in swallowing, voice, etc. to heavy signs of tonsil. Tanasilaitisa is largely due to the cold. So you can not put down his neck.

Swelling of the throat and tonsils should be wrapped up this type of muffler or neck is not cold. Moreover, fever medication without a doctor’s advice to eat antibiotics and fever. Should eat plenty of vitamin C. Tonsil infection to be monitored in the case of cleaning the inside of the mouth to prevent. Gargle with warm salt water and the benefits.

 If the treatment of basil tea, ginger tea with lemon drinks and the amenities available. Thandajatiya should avoid any food. Should eat plenty of vitamin C intake.

Tonsil problems often need to consult the doctor, he said. Usually three to five days after the treatment was good. However, over the treatment of chronic inflammation, the doctor will take the course. Because of the increase in tonsil surgery may be needed to.

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