Monday , January 23 2017

What is the condition of your kidney.


 One of the most important organs of the human body in the kidney. Amora many many kinds of kidney problems, we realize, but the problem is there is no action on the neck until amora. Allowing us to face many problems.

Excretion of waste products in the body, including the process of releasing all the work this is kidanii. However, to do the kidney may be at any given moment, or kidney failure may reduce performance. In these cases, kidney damage and other major diseases from the face to be very normal.

Problems like kidney failure can be provided upon request. So from the beginning should have detailed knowledge of kidney problems. If you know from the start of the symptoms of kidney problems, you may have a medical treatment to get rid of this problem. Symptoms of kidney problems before going to let you know,


Being one of the main symptoms of kidney problems weakness. The weakness comes from anemia. If you can not work properly if the kidney is constantly become contaminated with blood. Due to which the blood does not generate new blood cells. The loss of function of the kidney, it is also necessary for the body can not produce hormones erithroprotina. This hormone helps to produce blood cells from bone marrow.


When the kidney to stop working, waste products in the blood when the body began to mingle. This waste material is mostly acidic substance. When the blood reaches the lungs, the lungs with this waste to the waste began to be used for the carbon-dioxide. The result was not enough oxygen in the lungs and may enter. It could be your respiratory problems.

Change the color of the urine and blood

Kidney problems, change the color of urine is. The kidney’s inability tiubiulasa of renal damage, which creates paliiuriyara. This means making your work much urine. However, the increase in the kidney, the more it will reduce the amount of urine. And urine color is dark yellow or orange color. And dozens of bleeding in the urine can be foam.

Body itching symptoms

Kidney inability priuritasa body occurs. Priuritasa the medical name of irritation. Mixing the waste products of the body’s blood began itching symptoms of phosphorus in the wastes. The intake of dairy products, such as phosphorus, phosphorus, after the digestion of the waste can not be found in the urine. This is due to the blood can cause skin irritations.

Eyes appear blurred or mental instability

Kidney problems or mental fluctuations can be seen in your eyes blurred. Urea is a big part of the body’s waste material. Due to kidney problems, blood urea in the body but can not quit. The tainted blood reaches the brain, mental confusion, blurred seen this sort of problem. If it is too much urea can damage the brain, which results in the patient can go into coma.


Ammonia is another component of the body’s waste material. If the ammonia in the blood, causing the body to destroy the protein. Ammonia as the body’s inability to kidneys can filter waste. The loss of dozens of blood ammonia, causing problems like weight loss.


A genetic conditions inside the body, especially the kidneys and the liver is caused by a type of fluid filled cysts, or the weather. These cysts contain fluid in a special type of toxins, which can harm the body, vein or artery groups. The loss of more than one vein or artery in the body, causing pain. This pain is usually dull feeling, punch or can be like burning. Usually this byathagulo at the rear of the body, legs and waist can be.

But remember, if you have any kind of purchase, in some cases symptoms. So, you have no reason to assume from kidney problems. Always mindful, kidney regular check up. Kidney problems, then put away and can remain healthy.

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