Monday , January 23 2017

Which symptom of cancer should not ignore

cancer symp_0_32694Smoking, sun’s harmful rays, chemical substances, including excess weight can be reasons to people affected cancer. Do not like the way a lot of time to learn the signs of cancer because the cancer spreads to the whole body badly. As a result of the treatment is not good. The initial stages of the treatment of cancer can be eradicated. But in spite of the signs of neglect getting worse, it can. Some of the warning signs of cancer should not be neglected so far. Will be given as soon as symptoms go to the doctor. The need to identify this deadly disease diagnosis.

1. the specific reason for the additional weight loss
Any particular reason to be wary of additional weight loss. Diet or diet changes, weight loss is another common disease that is not harmful. But certainly noticeable weight loss without them.

2. After a few days after and continuous fever
Shortly after the continuous fever and lymphoma blood cancer is the main symptom of leukemia. So do not neglect.

3. the body organs, pain
The primary symptoms of brain cancer continuous headache. Also, continuous pain in the lower back, as well as the symptoms of ovarian cancer are diagnosed and rektala. Do not ignore such pain.

4. have a continuous cough
Sometimes there is a lot of time, but a lot more khusakhuse cold cough cough continuously and to be cautious if you have the better. This issue may be a sign of cancer phusphuse the continuous cough.

5. or granule swelling under the skin
The first and the main sign of cancer nodules under the skin of the body become swollen nodules or bumps the ball roll feel. However, this cocoon around the chest or breast or genital organs occurs is considered to be a sign of cancer. Other parts of the body such as the hands, feet, and when there is nothing to fear.

6. Excessive and abnormal bleeding
Cough with sputum or blood, as well as the symptoms of lung cancer are diagnosed. The blood in the urine or stool may fall because of bladder cancer. Symptoms of breast cancer from the breast, wearing blood. Along with these symptoms require medical attention.

7. Urinary problems
Pain or blood in the urine, the urine is simply not neglect. Take the test to become a doctor quickly.

8. lesions in the mouth and khusakhusera problem
Days of continuous lesions in the mouth and face, which lie not just in the Midwest, throat inflammation and khusakhusa Do not underestimate the problems. These are the symptoms of oral cancer

9. some noticeable changes in the skin of the body
Sometimes the color changes of the skin of the body, without any reason to blur things like injuries, signs of melanoma. That is a sign of skin cancer. Or to change the place of these spots. Please consult with any type of skin to change the course daramyatolajistera.

10. Always feel week.

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